A chip for your vehicle.

The worlds first pre-programmed, OBD2+ Fuel Economy Chip.

Discover Eco Viper Technologies.

Located in Toronto, Canada, Eco Viper Technologies specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of energy-efficient components that help reduce energy consumption. Our patent-pending Viper Technology also reduces fuel consumption by up to 57% and carbon emissions by up to 43%.

Reduce your fuel expenses by up to 57%

Eco Viper chips are pre-programmed by our Viper experts for your vehicle’s specific year, make, and model prior to shipment. This unique process reduces the amount of gas required to travel to your destination by up to 57%.

Reduce your carbon emission by up to 43%

Reducing your fuel consumption with our patent-pending Viper Technology also helps reduce your vehicle’s carbon emissions by up to 43%.

Install your Viper Chip in less than 1 minute!

With the power of the Eco Viper’s Plug N’ Drive technology, install your Viper Chip in less than one minute and start driving towards savings in no time.

Users save an average of $3,830.00 per year on fuel expenses.

Tested on over 100 different makes and models in our case study and over 5,500 client surveys, the Eco Viper V 3.0 saved users an average of $3,830.00 per year.

Why choose Eco Viper Technology?

Pre-programmed for your specific vehicle.

Each chip sold by Eco Viper Technologies is pre-programmed by one of our certified experts to fit your vehicle’s specific year, make, and model for optimized fuel efficiency. 

Powered by Viper Technology.

Our patent-pending Viper Technology is what powers all our Eco Viper Chips. Upgraded to Version 3.0 in June 2022, Viper Technology rewrites your vehicle’s CPU to optimize horsepower, torque, cooling and eco settings reducing fuel consumption by up to 57% and carbon emissions by up to 43%.

Try Viper Chip risk-free for 180 days!

The Viper Chip is a product you can count on. Try it today risk-free for 180 days. If you’re not satisfied with your savings, return it for a full refund.

See why our clients love Eco Viper V 3.0

Learn why more and more fleets, companies, and individuals across the globe trust the Eco Viper Fuel Economy Chip to help them save money by reducing their fuel consumption.

Pays for itself in less than 30 days!

With the current price of gasoline and diesel and the incredible savings the Eco Viper chip offers users around the globe, 9 out of 10 users have confirmed that the Eco Viper chip pays for itself in 30 days or less.

Our partners.

Free Roadside Assistance.

Eco Viper is proud to offer all of its clients free Platinum Roadside assistance with the purchase of an Eco Viper V 3.0 Fuel Economy Chip. To receive your free roadside assistance simply confirm at checkout.